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Blockchain Bridge

Aug 21, 2018

Ayesha Kiani, Managing Director of Republic Crypto joins Ben and Jay to discuss equity crowdfunding and working to keep funding and token sales democratized. 

Kiani believes anyone should be allowed to invest in Republic's projects, and that issuers should aways stay on the right side of the SEC and FINRA. In this podcast, she delves into why Republic's legal-heavy team works tirelessly to reshape agreements that redefine how issuers navigate regulations and offer digital ownership. Always be sure to wear your "regulatory helmet"! 

Kiani offers Blockchain Bridge listeners a deep-dive into Republic's due diligence to identify "red flags" with issuers and find best-in-class investments. This includes sharp technology analysis; ensuring sensible tokenomics (i.e. the token actually solves an issue); and partnering with a third-party vendor to vet the team and leadership, in order to ensure the CTO and chief architects really know the technology and are involved with the project full-time.

Kiani talks about Republic's quest to be a global platform, as the company builds up to its main token sale to retail investors under Reg A+ and Reg S for international investors. Republic's asset token will ultimately be used to facilitate access to and investment in the company's diverse roster of issuers, which could include everything from real estate companies and coffee shops, to concert promoters and technology innovators. 

Kiani goes on to warn that the market isn't what it was last year (2017); it's no longer about community hype and getting the best press, but rather how you'll deliver on mission-driven projects. While the market isn't what it used to be, that hasn't stopped Republic from drawing an impressive roster of investors (many from China) including Binance LabsFBG Capital and Neo Global Capital.

Kiani affirms Republic's mission to serve the underserved; they are always keen to support gender and racial diversity. In fact, in a recent study from Republic, the company found 44 percent of the women leaders on its platform have had what they consider "success." Kiani believes a good company can be started by anyone, and if it's a good project, they want to be involved! 

Ben, Jay and Kiani go on to belabor the fact that we still have speed and bandwidth issues with the regulation of digital fractional ownership, and why these historical issues, and those with SAFT's ability to deliver tokens, has fueled Republic to create the more advanced options such as the SAFEST (Simple Agreement for Future Equity in Security Tokens) agreement and Token DPA.

But it isn't all work at Republic; they find time to have some fun. This fall with they will launch the second season of Meet the Drapers, featuring, of all things, a 12 year-old entrepreneur, and in early September they'll host Republicon, where investors can learn what it takes to succeed as a crowdfunding issuer.